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Typically installation can be completed in a day by a skilled installer. The components are neatly tucked away, but in easily accessible locations. The driver has the choice to flush mount the in-cab controller in the dash, or in a stand alone cabinet on any suitable surface. Each unit is thoroughly tested before leaving and full operating instructions are supplied.



The Bigfoot CTI System is robust and very low maintenance, requiring virtually no scheduled servicing. Typically, a visual inspection will suffice. Any faults, the driver will be alerted through the in-cab display.

Support Manual


While the Bigfoot CTI system has been tested and proven in some of the world's harshest conditions, it’s a tough game and sometimes gear gets broken. Rest assured, that if something does go wrong we’ll have your system up and running in no time. Technical support direct from the factory is only a phone call away, and we maintain a huge inventory of parts. So whether you’re across town or across the globe, we’ll get it sorted.

Support Manual


Product News

Bigfoot CTI Australia control panel

New Display

The new OptiTraction display sets the standard in terms of functionality and design with tactical controls the driver doesn’t have to take his eyes off the road while offering a range of mounting options, download functionality (manual or telematics) and GPS based speed sensing to monitor speed and pressure.

Integrated System

The new Bigfoot Plug ‘N’ Play integrated system is the most compact unit available in either single, dual or multi zone.

Meritor Steer Axle

Thinking about CTI on the front axle? If you are purchasing a truck with Meritor front axle you can order it with stub axles, pre-drilled for the Bigfoot CTI System. Having CTI on the front axle dramatically improves the ride of the vehicle.

Product Information PDF

Product News

Service Bulletins

Deflate filters

Scania hub reduction heat shields

Is your CTI system suffering from slow deflation?

A clogged filter is the most likely cause.

Bigfoot CTI systems are fitted with cartridge filters on the deflate circuit. Air exhausted from the tyres is filtered of dust and rubber particles prior to exhausting through the deflate solenoid.

These filters should be serviced annually. Servicing these filters will lengthen the life of your deflate valves.

We are now fitting nylon heat shields in between the hub reduction housings and our Scania wheel end unions. This is reducing the buildup of heat.

Service Bulletins
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