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Kennedy Trailers, a family owned and operated business; pride themselves on custom transport solutions with over 30 years experience in the manufacturing of logging, mining and heavy transport equipment.


Garry & sons, Lynden and Cory are at the forefront of innovation and cost awareness as they push for further growth to lay a solid foundation for the company’s future development.

Therefore Kennedy Trailers have invested significantly in research & development and streamlined their production processes to reduce manufacturing times to be competitive without compromising quality.

The continual investment guarantees the lead time of production is as efficient as possible, which is complimented by the in house design, drafting and highly qualified engineering and manufacturing team. This allows any transport application to be customised to any specifications with the support of our dedicated service team.


About Us

Central Tyre Inflation Systems: A History of Innovation

Central tyre inflation systems, also known as tyre pressure control systems, were created in the 1940′s to increase the mobility of military vehicles on weak, poor traction surfaces, such as desert sands.

Since 1994, Bigfoot Equipment Ltd has been proudly leading the development of central tyre inflation systems. The Bigfoot Central Tyre Inflation System outperforms any other system on the market, is more reliable and fitted to many makes and models of trucks and trailers.
These days central tyre inflation systems are increasingly being used on a wide variety of truck and trailer units in different types of industry. Whether its forestry, agriculture, mining or roading we have a CTI system that will suit your truck.

2016 - Integrated Systems

Fully integrated single and dual zone systems.

2017 - New Gen2 Display

Designed to fit neatly into a 1Din radio slot with download functionality.

2016 - Meritor accounted Bigfoot CTI update

Meritor advise an update on the Bigfoot CTI system, that it can be installed on the MFS73 and FL941 steer axles.

2017 - Benefits Study

A study on the benefits of Bigfoot CTI Systems and an international literature review completed by Dr. Glen Murphy

2018 - Design Improvements

Redesign of Meritor drive axle manifolds and steer axle union.

2019 - First sales into the Baltics

With Metsatek and Cargo mobile.

2020 - COVID lockdown

Bigfoot supported by customers kept the wheels turning supplying kits and components.

2020 - System Integration

Telematics first system integration with on-board telematics and cellular connection.

2021 - Design Improvements

Design Improvements newly reconfigured Single Zone system with plastic cover.

2021 - Australian distribution

Kennedy Trailers based in Bairnsdale Australia become national distributor.

Here’s what we’ve proudly achieved so far to help truck drivers like you.

1994 – First New Zealand System Fitted

The first commercial system fitted was a pneumatically controlled system fitted to an LW924 Kenworth operated by Fearon Logging at Masterton.

1995 – First Electronic System Fitted

The first New Zealand-made electronic system was fitted to Owen Anderson’s truck at Whakatane.

2001 – Tripled Union Life

We became the first and only Central Tyre Inflation Manufacturer in New Zealand to make its own mechanical sealed rotating unions. This allowed us to fit a shield to provide added protection for the bearings, tripling the life of the unions. This also gave us the components to re-condition and modify the existing rotating unions already in service.

2009 – GPS Speed Sensed System

Another first in central tyre inflation technology for us. Prior to using GPS, the speed signal had to be obtained from the vehicle system.

1996 – Exported to Australia

The good word spread and the first New Zealand-made systems were fitted in Australia. G&R Logging and Moreland Holdings of Mount Gambier fitted two systems each.

2006 – Multi Zone Control Box

The Multi Zone control boxes allow for the tyre pressures in the steer tyres, drive tyres and trailer tyres to be controlled using a single control box.

2009 – Low Height Mechanical Sealed Union

The design of the rotating union was changed to reduce the height of the rotating union. This design also allowed for special unions to suit vehicles fitted with hub reduction differentials, and low height trailer unions.

2010 – Slimline Box Mounting

The Slimline Box mounting was developed to suit the U.K. market where central tyre inflation has to be fitted to very short wheelbase tractor units.

2015 - Westpac Rotorua Business Excellence Awards

The Bigfoot Team became winners of Manufacturing & Trade Business Award sponsored by Holland Beckett Lawyers.

2016 - Bigfoot Equipment Ltd changes ownership

Neil and Marie Wylie after 23 years in the business sell to brother Graham Wylie.

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